4 Hilarious Myths Related to Book Writing

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Book writing is evidently a very graceful and exciting career that one can select to earn money and utilize their skills and passion for gaining popularity. Like every other career that has regarded fame, book writing is also comprised of some funny myths that you can learn from this article. Some of the familiar and hilarious myths are mentioned below for your knowledge.

1. Writing Becomes Difficult Only When the Story Is Wrong

It is not necessary that if someone is facing difficulty in writing the book, then the only reason would be that the story of the book is too complex that the writer is unable to write it. Writers and authors often have writer’s block and if someone thinks that facing problem while writing means the plot is not right, then they will left changing the story every time they face writer’s block. Sometimes the story is perfect, but all they need is a little break to get through with the rough patch.

2. One Has to Be Excellent With Grammar & Spelling to Become a Writer

It would be a very positive point if the writer is too careful with the grammar and spellings, but mostly writer’s job is to put all their thoughts on the paper, and once they are done writing, then editors proofread it and take care of all the mistakes. A writer does not have to be excellent at grammar and spellings; they are needed to be proficient in the language they are writing and must be capable of explaining their thoughts with clarity.

3. You Have to Wait for Your Writer’s Block to Go Away & In Meanwhile Do Nothing

Another hilarious myth that you would have heard people saying is that when anyone faces the writer block, they should stop writing and wait for it to vanish on its own, no matter how long it takes. In this time of the progressive world, there are so many other solutions that can be selected to get rid of the writer’s block so easily. One of the best options would be to hire the ghostwriters, as they are professional and knows how to carry the voice of the author, they will help to complete the script more quickly.

4. Good Books Should Be Completed Quickly & Does Not Need Much Time to Finish

Another hypothetical thinking of some people is that they believe that if the story is really good, and the book has the tendency to turn out to be a blockbuster, then it should be written instantly within months. It is somewhat accepted that if there is no issue with the story, or the plot is not too complicated the book does not have to go beyond a year or so, but it is not essential that the book has to be completed quickly. Writers need time to structure the story and inscribe it properly rather spoiling it in haste.