Dissimilarities Between Cheap & Affordable Ghostwriter Based On Three Aspects

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Writing is indeed one of the most talented workers, and it really pays off well, when you utilize this talent to earn money. One of the most amazing subcategories of the writing domain is the ghostwriting career, which has really helped people all around the world to make a lot of money by becoming someone’s shadow. People of all ages, especially the college kids get the most benefits out of this career. The salary of the ghostwriters is beyond one’s comparison, and it is really very helpful for students to earn and support themselves to get through with their college fees.

One also does not have to do the full time ghostwriting job, as the freelance ghostwriters also earn enough money to afford their expenses. Although, the salary range surely differs from one type to another type of ghostwriting. Some have the aptitude to provide cheap ghostwriting services while others have the tendency to be able to provide affordable ghostwriting services. The difference between the most amazing types of ghostwriting is discussed below.

1. Based on Skills

Affordable ghostwriters have an exquisite skill set. They are able to write the whole memoir and books for their clients. Also, affordable ghostwriters are able to collect all the experiences of their clients, every detail about the work that clients required and combined those details to deliver a quality product to them. Unlike affordable ghostwriters, cheap ghostwriters own average writing skills set. They are able to write short stories or maybe small scripts or blogs for different clients. Apparently, the quality of the cheap ghostwriters is low than that of affordable ghostwriters.

2. Based on Experience

Comparatively affordable ghostwriters have much more experience than cheap ghostwriters. Since they work with many of the professional clients like authors and owners of reputable businesses and help them by providing loads of related contents, they gain experience effortlessly. Affordable writers also work for the professional ghostwriting agencies to increase their experience; this is the reason they are much better than cheap ghostwriters.

Cheap ghostwriters are mostly the beginners who are new to this field and offer their services online by being a freelance ghostwriter. Due to this reason, they lack much of the experience.

3. Based on Salary

With good skills and so many work experiences, the wages of affordable ghostwriters is way more than cheap ghostwriters. The affordable ghostwriters cost around $20,000 to $80,000 for writing only 200 to 300 pages of a book, which sounds like a pretty good salary package. Whereas, the cheap ghostwriter earns around $2000 to $5000 for writing the same number of pages of a book.